SEO of International Islamic Grammar School

We created design and tested conversion rate

IIGS is one of the best islamic schools in Pakistan. Initially it had no rankings on Google. Accroding to our proven SEO strategy we first did onsite optimization of the website and then we moved towards offiste optimization.

Now ranks on first page of Google. Some of the keywords are “islamic school”, “islamic schools”, “islamabad school”, “islamabad schools”, “schools in islamabad”, “best islamic school”, “islamabad grammar school”, “international islamic school”, “english medium islamic school”, “islamic school for expats, “islamic school in pakistan”, “islamic school in islamabad”, pakistan islamic school”, “islamabad islamic school”, “best school in islamabad”, “best school in pakistan” and many more.

What we did?

Website Analysis

Complete website analysis i.e. current rankings, best landing pages and existing traffic of the website. We also did competitor research i.e. targeted keywords, best performing pages and backlink discovery.

Link Building

Create backlinks on high quality blogs, articles, web directories, forums, guest posts, social bookmarking and social networking sites to ensure that the website achieves a strong online presence in search engines.

keyword research

Research main keywords related to the website by understanding target market and how users are searching for your services or products by using various tools, analytics and competitor analysis.

Offsite SEO

Complete offsite Search Engine Optimization of the website by using only white hat SEO methods to achieve top rankings on Google.

Structure Optimization

Structural optimization of your website to ensure that both users and search engine crawlers (web spiders) read, understand and are able to find relevant content quickly.

Keep Improving

Analyze ranking and traffic of the website as search engines take time to update links and keywords. And keep improving your link building efforts until you get the desired results.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO of both the source code and content of a page that can be optimized in order to get high rankings in search engines. Page title, headings, meta tags and content all comes under onsite SEO.

Ranking Report

Build weekly ranking report to track the progress of each keyword. Also send these reports to the client regularly so that he can verify the progress.

SEO Results

  • Number of keywords on the first page of Google is 100%
  • Monthly income increased 1050%

  • Monthly traffic increased 1200%
  • Average time on Page increased 80%

  • Total number of sessions increased 72%