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Affordable Squidoo Lens Creation & Lens Promotion Service By eOrganics

Squidoo Lens Creation Service

What Exactly is Squidoo Lens?

Squidoo is really a website that facilitates people to make their very own web page, called Squidoo lens. You can add various items and features to your Squidoo lens such as textual content, pictorial content, videos, website links and many other things that make the Squidoo lens an exciting experience.

Squidoo lens creation is used as a foremost means of effectively promoting websites and e- businesses. This is because Squidoo lens is not just like a regular web page, in fact it can help in automatically generating quality one-way links to your website. A nicely crafted, rightly used, search engine optimized Squidoo lens can boost your website’s page rank in the search engines and can hence get higher targeted traffic to your website.

In order to benefit maximum from Squidoo lens, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of how Squidoo lens works. Tags lie at the heart of Squidoo lens. Whenever you create a Squidoo lens, you must also create appropriate tags in order to categorize your pages and so that they can be retrieved for their keywords. The tags allow the linking of pages with similar tags. This is how Squidoo automatically generates relevant links to your page quickly.

Getting links to your website from Squidoo is valuable, as you will benefit from Squidoo’s own high ranking in the search engines. This, in turn, will help your website rank high in the search engines. You being on Squidoo, gives you access to potentially thousands of viewers. It also helps build credibility both amongst people and the spiders.

It is important to bear a few factors in mind while creating Squidoo lens. Firstly, thorough keyword research must be conducted in order to use them on your Squidoo lens to get higher targeted market and higher SERP’s for your niche keywords. Our team of professional Squidoo lens creation, conduct this phase with dedicated attention and care, providing customized service for your business keeping your target market and competition in mind.

We can help you truly benefit from dynamic Squidoo lens. Whether you simply want to promote your business via a content based Squidoo lens, or aim to raise your website or blog rankings, or want to generate affiliate income through a monetized Squidoo lens, we can do it for you- professionally, quickly and affordably.

Benefits of Having a Squidoo Lens

A Squidoo lens has numerous benefits including the following.

• Effective Internet Marketing Mechanism
A Squidoo lens can prove to be an effective means for marketing and promotion of your business over the internet as you can put the features, working, news etc. of your business on the new website. Readers will be urged to visit your website after going through the highlights of your business on a single page, hence you can use Squidoo lens to convey crucial business information to thousands of people.

• Higher Search Engine Ranking
Squidoo lens is very useful when it comes to search engine rankings. As Squidoo is high ranking on the search engines, the one-way links that you will get from it to your website will enhance your website’s credibility and raise its search engine rankings. You can also expect to get additional traffic, as the Squidoo lenses are searchable over the internet so you are sure to get more traffic for your particular keywords.

• Squidoo lens- Your Corporate Loudspeaker
Whether you have a crisp business news to announce, or an announcement about a new product, service or deal, or updates about a product, or a public competition you want to announce- you can use Squidoo to let the world know. Simply posting such a news item with the appropriate tags will greatly help you in your promotional and publicizing endeavors.

• Much More Online Exposure
Enjoy greater exposure online with Squidoo lens. It is quick, far-reaching and cost-effective. It gives your website the exposure it deserves. Even a single Squidoo link can give you better online visibility through more one way links.

• More Links
Links links and more links! Enjoy the tremendous SEO benefits of more links by joining Squidoo groups and generating additional links from other Squidoo lenses. This will help in increasing your website’s search engine rankings.

Why are we the Best Choice for Squidoo Lens Creation?

On the surface, Squidoo lens creation may seem a simple task, however, corporate Squidoo lens creation demands expertise, time and giving attention to details such as selection of the content, adding videos, creating tags etc. For best results- Squidoo lens creation requires the skills of a professional.

Specialized Squidoo lens creators and SEO experts at eOrganics can develop powerful, engaging and attractive Squidoo lens for you. The Squidoo lenses developed at eOrganics are not just search engine friendly, but are useful for the viewers too- hence helping build stronger brand identity and getting referral and repeat traffic in the long run. Our experts take care of all details in the Squidoo lens creation process- ensuring that you get the best results out of Squidoo lens creation.

After creating your Squidoo lens, we will also advertise t on popular social bookmarking sites in order to give your website a jumpstart. As we have done it over and over again for so many businesses, Squidoo lens creation is a job done well at eOrganics.

eOrganics Squidoo Lens Service Features

1) Squidoo lens creation by professionals
2) Relevant images on the lens
3) Minimum 1000 - 1500 words unique content
4) Up to 7 phrases and keywords per lens
5) Extra features besides the links
6) Individualized client profiles creation
7) Videos may be added
8) Squidoo lens decoration
9) Squidoo lens submission to the top social bookmarking sites for instant targeted traffic

Squidoo lens creation is an essential element of search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies, however not every lens can get you the desired links or traffic. At eOrganics.com.pk, we develop professional, customized Squidoo Lens that gets you real results.

What are you waiting for? Place your Squidoo Lens Creation Order now!.